Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it must be a swamp thing?"

So today is New Year's Eve.

I sat in front of my fireplace, trying to get a fire going, watching it rage and subside.
Life is very much like that, with times where it rages, and times where it's only one little glowing ember. With the occasional pop and flare from a pocket of sap.

Oddly enough, I have the house to myself. The plans I had for the evening fell through, which was not surprising.
I am watching Six Feet Under. Which is not necessarily something someone who has slight depression should be watching on New Years eve. But my depression is alright right now.
As far as the show goes, I don't know if I like it or not. I'm on the 4th episode... so I guess since generally I only give a show 3 episodes before I make a determination about it.... i guess so far I'm still watching it.

I should be spending this quiet time typing up my pages of text that I have in my note book.
But as I'm fighting off a bit of a headache right now, I think I'll just wait till tomorrow... perhaps.

The important part is the fact that I'm actually writing at all. Typing it up can technically wait as long as I'm still getting the ideas down, and the world created.

I actually created a new character over the past 2 nights, whom is rather neat. I'm not entirely sure about him though, as his little details are still fuzzy. They are details that my readers may never see in this particular novel.. but the details need to be there at least in my own notes. Otherwise the character will come across half assed.. like.. ahem.. a few other authors tend to do when they are just creating the characters for the sake of having another body in the scene. (*coughLKHcough*)

The other night, there was no writing.. but there was a journal sketch done. I say journal sketch, as it is on the classic.. .lined notebook paper. Yup... I doodled.
One was a gargoyle or demon thing. No, it wasn't Gaz. It was just me doodling.
And the first one that I actually drew was a scene of Alex in the final pages of the novel.

Someday, mayhaps I'll post it up as it's not that bad a sketch. Obviously I'm no artist when it comes to pencil and paper, and in my own defense, it was a figure of a human body in a position I've never sketched it in. But I still think it's neat.

On a personal good note... I finally got off my bum and dug out my humidifier. Which I have been desperately needing. The past 2 days now, I could take the hair bands out of my hair, and quite literally my hair would poof and cling and be a static cloud. I really hate being so electrified as I always am. It has been making it very difficult to open doors at work, or get in and out of my car. Everything I touch I get zapped. But for the past 2 hours I've had the humidifier out I can already feel the difference.
Oh Gods.. I just went into a ramble about my hair.

Okay moving along... I of course got all weepy this afternoon when Honey of Mine called me to ring in the New Year. Obviously as I'm typing this it is not even close to midnight, but the unfortunate nature of different time zones, means that for him it has already come and gone and once again we were not together celebrating.
He mentioned that next year if it's possible he wants to have me be in the UK for the New Year, which would be fabulous, but I doubt it will happen. Next January, we will be in the 6 month moving dash of "Oh my god, I'm about to move out of the country, and I've only got 6 months left to make sure everything is just how it needs to be!"
Also, I think it might be unfair to the possibility of my friends that i have still in the US, as it will very much be my last official New Years in the US. Yup, only one left after tonight. That doesn't mean that someday I won't be celebrating in the US again, it's just if it does happen, it won't be for a while, and it will be a vacation.

Well, I guess I'm done rambling. The fire is down to embers again, and it is technically already past my bedtime.

I hope everyone has a blinding* time tonight!

*Cockney slang.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally the holidays are over.. well almost..

So I realize that I haven’t updated in a few days, I apologize for that. I simply wanted to make sure I gathered my thoughts entirely before posting, and before I knew it the weekend was over!

I did not work on Christmas day.
But it was mellow.

As I am at work right now, I cannot recall the little bits and pieces that I got as gifts, but I’ll try my best.
I got a game of Scrabble as I had been wanting recently to play it. Two reasons: 1) it’s a fun game. 2) it will help with my vocabulary and spelling.
I got a new neck gator from Mother of Mine that is quite Steamy. It’s tones of white, grey and black, with brass buttons that apparently were… oh I can’t recall at the moment, but they belonged to some relation of mine. And they were quite perfect. Yes it’s a button up neck gator, which I like, makes it a bit easier to deal with in the taking off and on.
Mother of mine also made me a paper portfolio. Her first attempt. It turned out rather well, and already it is holding a gaggle of loose papers I had sitting around.
I got a slew of other things, mostly small things that I can use.
On a rather amusing note; Mother of Mine and I both got each other Neil Gaiman’s Coraline for each other. Of course the reasons were almost opposite. I got it for her because it has knitting in it, though she might not be a fan of Neil Gaiman. She got it for me because I am a fan of Neil Gaiman, though I might not care about the knitting aspect. We were both tickled pink due to that.
Hunny of mine’s package arrived with a whole bunch of gifts, dating back all the way to last Valentines day. It was sweet. I balled like a baby when I opened the box before Christmas. But I did keep the 2 Christmas pressies separate and opened them on Christmas proper. Of course my mad Divination skillz worked against me when I moved the package from the box to the tree. And I unfortunately knew what it was. He was very sweet and got me Horatio Hornblower, because he knows it’s one of my favorite series. Well, he forgot that I already own it. But it’s all good, as I only had half the series, and also, he was smart and got me Region 2. (Which is the UK region coding)
I was able to try the hack I have for my dvd player, and I now am able to play region 2 dvds on my dvd player. So yes, he realizes the dvd’s will be shipped back to him sometime in the next 17 months but it’s all good. It was very sweet.

Christmas day was mostly spent playing games, watching movies, and just generally lounging about.

I had to work on Friday, but only for 5 hours, so really it was no big deal.

The weekend was spent pretty much doing nothing but reading, watching movies, and lounging about.
I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, and I must say I loved it. I will own that book, and it is certainly one I want my children to read some day. The themes were brilliant as always.

I started reading “Full Dark House” by Christopher Fowler, which so far is good. I’m enjoying it. Can’t really say much about it at the moment though as I’m still so much in the beginning.

As far as my novel goes, I am quite proud.
I actually got a few pages written yesterday, and many notes jotted and ideas also jotted. I still have not finished chapter 5, nor actually worked on it very much, but that’s alright. I’ll finish it when I finish it. At least I’m being productive though and working on the chapters that aren’t fighting me.

I spent 15$ on a pen, which seems slightly ridiculous, but I like the pen. It’s got a fat grip therefore it doesn’t hurt my hands. And it’s a black pen, red pen, and mechanical pencil all in one. So yeah… so far it’s proving worth it. Makes adding notes or editing my long hand a lot easier.

On other news, the hair… it has finally been dyed. Coming home so early on Friday allowed me to dye my hair while it was still in the warm part of the day. Of course, the nape of my neck was freezing all day long after that, but meh. I survived. It is a neat color of black, with brown, with red.
I have also figured out what to do about my feline issue for the weekends. I let him out at 5 am, I go downstairs with him, feed him, tell him to go to the litter box (which he actually listens to me), and then he and I go back up to bed so I can sleep more weither he likes it or not. Thus far it has proven to work, and he generally just curls up in bed with me without protest.

I didn’t yesterday get to go to the Girls Night party, simply because my back was tweaking so much. 1) Sundays are never good for me to go out and do things. 2) Sunday afternoons are even worse. If you want to see me on a Sunday, make it Sunday morning around brunch time. That’s when I’m willing to do stuff.
But my back was tweaking so much that I was not in a state to be social (which unfortunately Mother of Mine can attest to)

I really should get back to work. So off I go.

Really I had written more, about a touchy situation that has surfaced, but been brewing for a while, but I have decided that the delete button was the better part of valor at the moment. See, look at me censor myself. It can be done.

Monday, December 22, 2008

You remind me of the Babe..

Last night I did not get anything written when I went to bed. I was so exhausted. I did however decide on the name of a vampire. Previously he had been a question mark, but I have decided that yes, this is his name, and it is entirely different than the one he was using. It's also, to me.. utterly modern and normal. Which works for what I was going for. A younger vamp. Doesn't like the rules necessarily. Nope no Spike or Armand. Nothing exotic, nor sinister. It is a name off the category I don't like, so technically to me, it is a sinister name. But no one would know. Should I share? Hmm.... Well, I won't share, but I will give you a tiny morsel. It starts with a J.

And no, though I have been having Labyrinth-centric thoughts recently, it is not Jareth. *grins* sadly, I wish I had money to spend, as there is an artists I found on one of my LJ groups *gagging noise related to LJ*, who made the most adorable worm. I want one. Someday, I will have the money and I will have my little worm.

She has an Etsy store, where he is not for sale (As he is being sold to someone privately) But the original post of him can be found here. Linky
Also, her Etsy store can be found here.

I am constantly having visions of my future "Office" and some day I Shall have it.
Just little things around my office to remind me of inspiration. Labyrinth was always a movie that inspired me.

Today at work was surprisingly busier than I had imagined it would be. I actually had to *gasp* work.
I was also informed (after they informed me the opposite information) that I will not be working on Christmas. Damn them. Yes, first they tell me it's confirmed. I will be, then 2 hours later they come by and tell me that no, they were wrong. Sigh.

But I have a feeling it will get a bit quieter at work the next 2 days. Generally at this point in the season, if it's broke, and isn't stopping mail flow.. they don't care. They'll leave it till after the holiday.

Update on The Graveyard Book. I think it is absolutely delightful. Neil Gaiman has a great way to make a story unfold right before you. I will own this book, and I hope that either my children will read it, or someday I will read it to them.

I guess thats all for now, I need to avoid eating all the cookies and brownies Mother of Mine just made.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

Last night after I had attempted to fall asleep, I was struck with a bit of inspiration.
This was after writing a really cool introduction to a character I rather like.
WOOT. And the best part is, all the pieces work so smoothly. That really makes me happy. It's logical, and is a great way to introduce one aspect I had been trying to figure out how to make happen.

I also have figured out the very important question of what happens to the vampires in my world when they "bite the dust" so to speak.
No, I won't tell you how. But lets just say, it's not the classic-been-used-to-death idea. In fact, I think I've only seen even part of the idea used once. Hmm I guess I can give that away, as there are so many Vampire deaths in The Lost Boys, as who knows which one you'll think it is. Especially with the "no vamp goes out the same way" in The Lost Boys. So no, the Vampy death is not exclusive to any of the ones in The Lost Boys, just one little aspect of it reminds me of at least one of the deaths from that movie. I hadn't really thought yet of how the vamps in my novel would die, as it hadn't fully come up yet, and my brain hadn't kicked in that much. But now it has. Woot.

Today is the Solstice (winter obviously).
Ironically, today I made a decision to change something, to start a fresh, and I hadn't at the time realized it was the Solstice. So it is very apropos.
I went to Whole Foods today, bought a new kind of deodorant. No Aluminum. Also, more importantly, I bought myself some B-12 vitamins, and Omega-3 (Fishy oil). Both of these are mood uplifters, and the Omega 3 will help with joints etc. So, hopefully it will help with my back, and if it does that unto it's self will help my mood.
The B-12 is also one of those ones that help with mood and other things. So we'll see how it goes.

Tonight, I will light a candle for the Solstice, as there isn't much of a chance of having a bond fire.
My hair is cold, still chilled from the shower I took hours ago.
Hopefully today I'll get those pages typed up. If not, mayhaps I'll type them up at work tomorrow while I'm trying to not slit my wrists from boredom (the days will be very slow and dull leading up to Christmas. Thats what happens when you do tech support for the Post Office)

I picked up The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman from the library today. It finally became available. We'll see how that goes. I'm avoiding reading my Joanne Fluke, or the next Charlaine Harris that is available, simply because I am waiting on those until next month. The library is doing a little contest thing of 8 books in 8 weeks. HA. I'll have that done in maybe.. 2 weeks? I'm saving all the Murder She Baked, and C. Harris's for that, as they are quick.

Well, I'm done babbling for now methinks. I hope everyone is enjoying their Solstice, however you celebrate it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Another month bites the dust. (Really long. Sorry)

Today was most bored at work. I mulled my way through it though, doing enough work so that no one can say I didn't. Yes, I could have done more. But to be honest.. I'll still have done more than anyone else, so why should they be complaining??
I left work early at 12, which is normal.
I for some odd reason went over to the mall. GASP.
Yes, less than a week before Christmas and I went to the mall.
There were a few reasons for this. I wanted to find a calendar for us. Nope still didn't find one. But i have a better idea of what i want. That was at Borders. Which apparently was having a 40% off one item sale. As I had walked in the store, I came across two printed off coupons for it that someone must have dropped.
Well, I used one and I handed the other to the girl standing in line behind me. I did buy something, but I can't talk about it as Mother of Mine happens to follow my blog now, to quote her (said with a smile) "it's none of your(her) damn business!"
Then I wondered over to Old Navy in hopes of possibly finding a pair of jeans on the clearance rack that fit me. The jeans I have right now.. both jeans that i currently use most in my jean circulation both hit me odd at the ankle and it drives me crazy. I detest my socks being so visible when I sit down. Now these jeans are fine during the summer when I am wearing sandals. But for winter when i wear socks... no... i can't stand it.
No, I did not find anything. They actually had like no jeans on the clearance rack. And I am not about to pay full Old Navy price for a pair of jeans right now.
I did find on their 5$ tables a few shirts I wanted. Simple, long sleeved, light weight shirts, and one tank top that will do me in the summer. it's amazing how quickly those 5$ add up.
I also looked at the mens coats. honestly, my GAP coat that i have had since 2002 is really sad and pathetic, and you can see more of the guts of it from the outside than you should or is decent. I loath the idea of buying a new coat, but with how much I wear mine.. I should do something. Both my main winter coats, are dying. A slow and painful death. Both of them are at least 5 to 10 years old, (honestly my black bomber might even be 15 at this point as I bought it BEFORE moving to Colorado), and they have been worn hard and almost every day.
The only men's coat that was appealing to me, was not too bad looking, but the inside felt like.. well... felt. Which meant all my clothing will catch and I'll also always be miss static shock! I'm already electric people, I don't need another coat to add to it!
I didn't get a coat. But I did buy a men's thermal type shirt to replace my GAP one, which most certainly is about 10 years old, and is literally falling to pieces. Yes, I'm finally retiring it. Considering, I only spent 10$ on the new one, thats not bad. (I think my GAP one, I might have spent 30$ on. Ahh.. youth... with a bank account.. no cares... sheesh. Though, even if I did spend 30$ on it, that was nearly 10 years ago.. I think I got my money's worth!)

I wondered around a few other shops. I stopped at "It's Your Move" and spoke with dear Monsieur Weasley! You'll not know of him on this blog. But it was back from the Deathly Hallows release party at the mall I attended (the Borders)with my last roommate. He was the perfect Bill Weasley. He had the hair. The body type. The boots.. the earring. Yup. He was perfect. We flirted with him. Dot had a crush on him. Hell.. if I was single, I would have had a crush on him. And between you and meself.. if it had come down to a contest between me and Dot, I would have won hands down. Amanda (room mate before Dot, and ex roommate of Dot as well)learned that one quickly. The blokes always went after me if there was the option. Comes down to the fact that I have a flirty nature and most importantly confidence. Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn. But back to Monsieur Weasley. Whos name I just now remembered is Cody. We had run into each other enough over the last year and a half that he does remember me. He informed me that he has put in his notice, and that the end of the month is his last working there. He is moving back to New England. Ah well, I don't blame him one bit. Colorado Springs does not have many options for living. Unless you have a security clearance that is.

Moving along, I managed to resist the temptation of buying some Pretzel bites, even though they were smelling delish! And nothing in any of the stores that I frequent were appealing to me. I saw a shirt in Hot Topic that Mother of Mine mentioned she saw a girl wearing. it was "I (heart) boys who sparkle" Yes, it was in fact a Twilight reference. Sigh. I hate fangirls.
I looked for a pair of shoes, as the ones I currently am wearing for winter, are bothering me. I paid 7$ for them on my birthday, so I've gotten my money's worth out of them. But still, the are just a shade too small so my poor big thumb toes slightly hurt by the end of the day. (Wow.. that was a reference that took me back to my youth. Yes, I did in fact used to call my big toe the "big thumb toe")
I skiddaddled on home, only having been at the mall for an hour and a half. Not too bad all in all.
I have to say the crowds were not as bad as I imagined they would be. It actually reminded me of shopping in my youth at the Thousand Oaks mall. Yeah.. thats it. It was a normal day at the T.O mall was how crowded it was here for christmas. So it could have been a lot worse.

Mother of Mine is apparently not feeling well, so I have been chilling talking to my hunny and watching The Da Vinci Code this afternoon.

Today is the anniversary of meself and himself.
As of today, we only have 1.63 years left to go. That also breaks down to still being 17.5 months away.
Today, I also received my care package from himself.
The one that had all my pressies pretty much for the last year.
Our Yearly anniversary (which is different than today's anniversary, same date, different month), Valentines Day, My birthday.. and the Solstice. Or Christmas. Whatev.

I was told to open the box, as my Solstice presises were wrapped up. The others weren't. So it was safe.

I sat there with tears running down my face, bawling like a little girl as I looked at all the wonderful, and most importantly thoughtful things that my sweetie gathered for me.

I received two James Bond books:
Quantum of Solace
and Devil May Care

The irony is that I just finished reading Casino Royale this morning while I was at work. So the timing was perfect.

I also got a Torchwood book. "Another Life" (the first one)
A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates by Captain Charles Johnson (which I believe Mother of Mine will most likely steal.)
Chobits volume One

A beautiful bracelet from India, made of enameled copper and bronze tones (on copper- i think that it is copper), it looks like it depicts the sun and the moon, but I could be wrong. I don't know if it is something I would have chosen for myself, but I love it. (I think the reason I wouldn't have chosen it is the actual bracelet part is colors I don't think I would choose, light tanish brown tones, where i'm more darker tones when it comes to my browns) But I do love it. I will have to coat all the metal bits in clear nail polish, so that I can wear it. And I will take a photo of it sometime in the near future.

I also got some buttons, a grouping of Beatles buttons, Vampire buttons, and a little button that shows a flying witch, and says "Neighborhood Witch". It's cute. I like it a lot.
I got a Geek tag that says "wicked" on it, I'll have to change the chain on it, so that I can wear it with other things, as I like the tag.

I got a set of DVD's, Life on Mars being most prevalent on it. WIth a few other movies also burned. (Wall.e and Highlander (snerk.. like i don't already own that), and The Secret of NIMH - squeeeeeee I love that movie)
I finally had a chance to test my region hack for my dvd player.
Which appears to have worked... but... I still couldn't play the dvd's as the format was set to AVI... oh well, sweetie forgot to change that, or it didn't take when he changed it. It's alright. It plays on my laptop. And, I have him hunting down a cable that would work to hook my laptop up to my ANCIENT telly. (Seriously.. who still uses AV RYW cables??? Yeah. I do. And my telly is such crap, that it's just the Yellow White cables, not even the red cable. *sniff* that poor red cable just hangs limply down from the front of my telly looking all forlorn and unloved.)
Can I just say I cannot wait till I have a new Telly? I'm sick of the streaking I have down the top 3 inches of my telly, and the fact that it's so ancient to begin with. I doubt I'd be able to hook up a PS3 to it. (Sweetie and I will have a sweeeet setup to snuggle in front of. Not right away. It'll depend on the budget. But there will be HD. There will be Bluray. Oh yes, there will be a computer hard drive hooked up and set aside specifically for the telly.)

Meep Rambling. Sorry. Moving along, I also got a framed Doctor Who image thingie. It's got my Doctor (10.. technically 9 was the first Doctor I fell in love with, but I'm more than happy to claim 10 as my Doctor as well. I'm a bi doctor kind of girl.), an image of the Tardis, and a Dalek. There will be jealousy running rampant of all my friends. Oh yes, very much so.
Speaking of Doctor Who, and this blog being called "Journal of Impossible Things", those in charge, have decided to release as a toy.. John Smith (aka The Doctor)'s very own Journal of Impossible things.. SQUEEEE.

Sorry for the large picture size, but it's the little book thingie on the left side.
Sweetie of Mine has promised me that some day I will have it. Yay! It's just a toy, an in expensive toy at that, and I actually want to make one. Which I will some day. But having a little one like that means the future little Child of Mine will get to run around with a prop.

Hmmmm.. That almost gives me an idea. Mayhaps Alex (main character in novel- A Hard Day's Bite) should have a Journal of Impossible things for her ever changing world.

Or.. maybe I should leave that for my Steampunk world? Mayhaps it would fit better there... hmmm I'll have to ponder it.

Speaking of the novel (A Hard Day's Bite), I actually have a little research project for Mother of Mine, as she is the go to girl for the Scottish stuff, and for anything relating to Diana Gabaldon's world. Something in "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" stuck with me, and I want to know if it's actual myth or something Diana created. It's sad, a few years ago.. I would have been the go to person for the answer to this, but thats what happens when you break away from that world for so long.

Moving along (sheesh this is a long entry.. sorry peoples, I'm in a chatty mood)... I have been sucked in to Ravelry. It's a knitting ... BLACKHOLE. It sucks you in. I've joined many groups on it, and all of this is in hopes of getting my knitting skillz up. After all, I won't be able to run to Mother of Mine and ask her to make me things. I do need to learn for meself. Hmmm.. I wonder if mayhaps I'll mention some really cool knitted item in my novel and get my own group on Ravelry. That'd be neat. Hell, even if I don't mention something knitted in my novel, I could possibly end up with a group, as there are groups for everything and everyone. That'd be neat.

Okay, I guess I'm done rambling now. Later people

Thursday, December 18, 2008

198 words not on a sticky note..

198 words.

Yuppers. I was so bored at work this morning, I jotted down 198 words of dialogue. I mean, wanting to claw my eyes out bored. Sure there is a little work I can do. Not much. But a little. I just don't really have the motivation to do it. Every customer I've dealt with today has either been entirely rude, or just dumb as rocks. It's the rude people that are pissing me off.

But moving along.. It's a cute little plot island, but I think it's one more for Book 2 rather than book 1. Book 2? Look at me wishin' and a hopin'. I mean honestly. Part of me thinkgs Book 1 won't even get finished, let alone published, so how crazy am I to be thinking that there will actually be a book 2.

On an entirely differnt note.. this morning, I was feeling mighty.. hefty. I just felt blah. My belt buckle was digging in, and that is bothersome for 2 reasons. 1)I'm allergic to metal, so having it dig in, is unplesent. and 2) it was making me feel fat.
So I finally gave up, and decided to loosen my belt. I realized, that it was a notch tighter than I usually wear it. O.O oh my.
Apparently this morning as I was getting dressed, it just easily went tighter. This is good. But possibly a fluke.

Well, having just gone to break, and to the ladies, once again I went to do up my belt, and it immediately went to that 1 notch tighter location. So, apparently it is not a fluke. I have lost enough weight that when standing, I am a notch tighter, but not quite there yet for sitting. This is good. This makes me happy. I'll be even happier when I'm a notch tighter while sitting, but hey.. at least I appear to be half way there...

I guess I should really get back to work. As much as I don't want to... it's slightly a necessity. I need to of course at least pretend to work.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A blur of sticky notes

So.. I'm typing this up at work, because I don't have much to do, I am also avoiding what little there is to do, as I have a huge headache. Yup, got one of my cluster headaches. Woke up with it. Even debated calling in sick. But at that point it was only an echo of one. And I really can't stand missing a day of pay. Certainly not right before the holidays. So I fortified myself with two caffiene pills, a few sips of catnip tea, and 3 advil. Did it work? Noooooo... full blown headache. Can't move without fear of jabbing pain. Sigh. Stupid headache.

Today not counting due to the headache, but I've noticed that recently in the morning as I've been getting ready for work, or as I'm driving to work is when all the ideas I've been having seem to make themselves known.

So, what does that mean?

That means, I now am plagued with sticky notes.
Only one was there enough time for me to jot down the idea before i hopped into the car, but otherwise, the idea fleshes its self out as I'm driving and as soon as I get into work, I jot it down.

Also, sometimes throughout the day, I'll need to remind myself of something or another idea, and it's another sticky note to the rescue.

I doubt I'll get anything accomplished this afternoon at home due to the headache. But.. who knows.

Oh, and forgive any typos. Headache! Also work is cheap and won't let me upgrade my IE, so it doesn't have the built in spell check.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


"306, in only one day.. if it was an accident, where were the tears?"

Oh wait, silly me. Not 306, but 603.
I couldn't help it, as soon as I realized how many words I typed up, I had the Emilie Autumn song "306" running through my head.

I finally knocked out about 3 pages of long hand from my notebook. And almost every word was painful to type. Admittedly, I did get some changes made as I was typing it up, so a few unnecessary words got the axe, and a few were added. All in all, I think it evened it's self out.

I still have more pages to type up, but unfortunately my 'tocks keeps going to sleep, and it is far toooooo cold in this house to type up properly right now. The thermostat is set at 60, and I have a little heater in front of me. I've got thick socks, my slippers on (that i hate wearing on the couch because they have an outdoor sole and it urks me.),a sweater, i've got a very fluffy scarf around my neck, and I've got some wrist warmers on. I feel quite pathetic actually. And I feel the weather happening, as I've got a skoosh of a headache coming on.. Stupid snow.

But, at least I've finally gotten a bit typed up. 603 words added to chapter 5.

I think I have discovered something that i will need to continue to test. It has nothing to do with writing per say, but it does have to do with my willingness to do anything, including writing.
I finally found a pillow arrangement on the couch that helps with my back, only to have discovered that it promptly makes my 'tocks fall asleep in a most painful way. I don't have much flesh there, but what I do have doesn't like being set with pins and needles. lol. So I will have to find something to fix that little problem. But going back to what I was actually talking about, I have been drinking Catnip tea.
Of course, not fresh catnip.. I really do need to pick up a catnip plant and see if I can keep it alive. I know my cat will be happy if I can keep a Nip plant alive for the both of us. Right now he is quite jealous whenever i set myself up with a cuppa nip.
I think the fresh nip will also be much more beneficial towards my goal of 'relaxing', and specifically relaxing the back. I don't know if it's just wishful thinking on my part, but I think I've been less snappish since I started on the nip. I don't know if Mother of Mine would agree or not. I'm hoping that it's not just wishful thinking on my part. I don't like being cranky.
Hopefully tomorrow, as most likely I'll be into work early, I'll type up the remaining pages that I have left to type up. That'll be good.
Tomorrow will suck though, as I have not yet recieved the call, but I have a feeling I will. Snow Plan. Dread.
It was snowing pretty much all day.
I was told by Mother of Mine before she went out for the afternoon (giving me a blissful chance to watch a horrible Ski movie and type up the pages I've already talked about), that there was blue sky, and it wasn't snowing.
As I didn't hazard to look, I will just take her word for it. Now it is dark. I'll check in a bit to see if the snow has started again. The drive will suck as if it got warm enough this afternoon with that blue sky, that means the snow that there was earlier will freeze. Making my 5:30 drive 1) have to start sooner, and 2) scary, slippery, and terrifying.
If it wasn't for the fact that I'm the only one who does my job at 6 am, or I should say, the only one who CAN do my job (none of my lackeys get in until 7 at the earliest), I would almost ask to have my schedule changed for the remainder of winter. Even pushing my start time to 7 am would make the driving a little better. But since I am also right now the only Team Lead in at 6 am (the other one gets pimped out to the other desk at 6:05 which means I am the one holding the fort down), there is no way I can change my schedule. Well, I could if I really asked for it, but that would be putting them out unfortunately, and that is the last thing I want to do. Nah, I'll deal with it. IF it really comes down to me fearing for my life due to the driving conditions, I will speak to my boss, and he'll work with me. But I'm not to that point yet.

Okay I'm rambling. I think I'm off to find a piece of that Apple pie Mother of Mine made today. It is nummy. Or I might have dinner, which will either be the left over barley soup she made, or the meatloaf that she made today.

Later peoples.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm an eejit.

Eejit = meaning "Idiot" in Irish

Why? Well yes in the few minutes between my last post, and this one, I discovered that I am an eejit.

Again, you might ask why. Well, I was going back through my posts, just to see my progress, after all I have so few posts on here (as compared to the myspace account I am for the most part ignoring when it comes to the blogging), well I discovered that some people have left comments on my blog, and I hadn't a freakin' clue!

So, the settings have now been readjusted, and I shall be notified when someone leaves a comment.

I do apologize if you left a note, and I didn't respond to you.
As now those 2 comments are old and back from October, I won't randomly message you in response, as I'm quite sure you'd be quite confused. As would I as I think one of the comments was a return comment of mine about something entirely not to do with the post that the comment was left on.
And again I apologize if that sentence made no sense. This is what happens when I admit to my blond roots. Speaking of which, the hair dye is being broken out tomorrow, I would have done it today but instead had to wash the hair (there was an unfortunate incident this morning involving maple syrup.) so due to that, and due to how long my hair takes to dry, (and how it takes even longer to dry in these Colorado winters), I shall have to do the dying part tomorrow. It'll be fun. I haven't dyed it in over a year, and the last time I had a friend do it for me. So this is the first time in like 3 years that I'm dying it myself. No, I doubt there will be pictures. Unless it turns out fabulously.

Now back I go to my telly and the BBC show of Blue Murder. Then season 2 of the Big Easy. Mmmmm that Remy!

A Werewolf Moon, Inspiration, and future promises.

So today, I have not written any new pages.

Nor have I typed up those 8 pages of long hand staring me down. Which I've been staring right back at all this time.

No, today I some how managed to get roped into *someday* writing a Vampire Steampunk Novella. - They wanted a full novel, but apparently will settle with a novella (aka short story).
Mother of Mine will dutifully reply to her Ravelry friends that yes, I will someday do it, but I need to finish writing both A Hard Day's Bite, and my steamy airship story.

Now news on A Hard Day's Bite. Like I said, I didn't get anything written or typed, but I did just spend the last hour looking for "Character Inspiration Photos". Meaning looking for qualities in famous people whom I think about when I think about some of my characters. Now this does not mean that I think of a specific person then base my character off of them. No, it is I think of qualities then find the person to match. That way I have a visual representation to remind me "oh yeah, thats how I wanted the hair" sort of deal. Also the other day while I was at work, I was bored and decided to do a bit of a search on Gargoyles. Just for the hell of it. ;-)

Lets just say... mmmmmm i just got a lot of eye candy.

Who might be on my list?
Weeeelll fine I'll tell you.

Keira Knightly
Alex O'Loughlin
David Boreanaz

Those are just a few mind you. I've been gathering images for a while.

And no. I'm not going to tell you who represents who, or represents aspects of whom.
Ha ha ha. Yes, I'm evil. I doubt even my 1st readers would be able to figure it out at this point. Muhahahahahahaha.

Sigh. I really should type up those pages. Mayhaps I'll get more inspired if I get it down.

Last night, by the way was absolutely a gorgeous moon. It was the fullest moon of the year. Which, actually I had to print out an article about the moon, as part of my research. Friday (when the moon was going to be full) was actually quite a good day for inspiration. Got two ideas written down, and research started, and also nabbed another reader (see previous blog).
Mother of Mine is going to try quilt what we saw of the moon. Specifically as it was surrounded by a full circle of rainbows. The colors went double even. And it was rather neat as there was a contrail running through it, and also there were "werewolf" clouds floating around it. (That comment was stolen by Dave Lowe, whom has an amazing photo of the moon- sans rainbow and contrail on his blog. You can find him under the list of blogs i follow)It is actually the Wolf Moon, which was neat, with those special clouds. It has many other names, but honestly I do believe the Wolf Moon was perfect for it. Mother of Mine is going to actually do the quilt as how I saw it when I was walking back into the house, through the barren tree branches. That will give it a neat perspective, and a focus point so that it isn't just a moon in the night sky.
I have warned her that I will most likely steal it if she makes it, barring of course if she sells it. Which considering she hasn't sold any quilt I've laid claim to, I think that this not yet made quilt will be snuggled safely amongst my things to move to the UK.

So no, I have not written down anything since yesterday in regards to A Hard Day's Bite which is sad. But, I do have to say this.. the world is very much fleshing it's self out to me, and for that I am happy. It is no longer shapes in the mist. It is now defined faces, defined personalities, defined locations. What vampires can and cannot do, what a little bit of their mythos are. Cute little nods to the past vampires that came before them.
This, makes me very happy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happiness. Seriously

Currently, that is me. Why? Well, I started out on a meh kind of day.
And then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this morning, sans clothing. And lets just say my day went down from there. I was not happy with what I saw. I have resolved, to once again start working out as I have beenh negelecting it as of late.

But moving along. Work has been meh. But I decided I needed to print out all the text I have typed up thus far in regards to my novel.

That means, Chapters 1- 5 and then all the pages that I don't know exactly where in the story they need to go yet. I've actually got them all in some semblense of order which is cool.

But what made me happy, is how thick that stack of paper is. Now, all my text is in Veranda 10 point font. So thats not huge.
Yes, I know I need to not count at least... oh at least most likely 2 pages off the total due to all the notes and edits etc. Mayhaps even 3 pages.
But still.. even without 3 pages, it's still pretty damn thick a stack of paper!
It made me excited. This actually is starting to feel, and look like a real novel.

I ran over to one of my coworkers, and showed her, as she is a fledling writer as well, and she would appreciate my excitement. She also is into vampires. So that also makes her someone I can share my excitement with.
She didn't want to give it back. She wanted to read it. lol.
So, I shall be sending her a digital copy, as she had to leave today before she could even really do more than skim the first chapter.

She and I had a good conversation about writing though, which was very good. It got me even more excited.

She's going to become one of my Readers, which is good. As I need another person. Until I actually GET an editor, I need to rely on my friends. I want 2 people really. After that it tends to get a little muddled.
I have James, who enjoyes vampire novels, and he and agree on many things, and then I will now have Janice, who also likes vampire novels, though I don't know how similar our tastes in books go beyond vampires.

She did read the first chapter, or at least most of it. And she said exactly what I needed to hear. "It left me wanting to know more!"

She said she loved the 'gloomy' aspect of how my novel started. Nope not a cheery sunny day. Nope not at all.
It was adorable, I got asked so many questions, and I had to just smile and say "Oh, you'll find out."

So yes, I am much with the happy at the moment.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why do Thursdays suck so much?

Why do I bother getting excited about anything?
At work? At home? About my novel?

Every time I get excited about something, and try to share my excitement... Someone always pisses on my parade, and frankly makes me feel like I'm two inches tall.

I am now tired, and now cranky, and in physical pain. I want to cry, and I am reminded of how much I hate Thursdays.

Early morning brainstorming

So this morning as I was getting ready for work, and also while driving to work, I had a brilliant bit of brainstorming.
So much that at one stop light, there was no way for me to stifle the giggles that resulted.
I love the concept of both the little bits of brainstorming I had, and as they are both quite seperate they will be nice little plot additions to the novel.

I have to admit, one of them very much is a dig against Stephanie Meyer and her "vampires" I'm sorry.. but really.. they aren't very good vampires in my opinion.

It shall be amusing, and I wonder how many people will get the reference? When my official website is up after the book gets published, I wonder what fan will ask that question. I look forward to it. After all, it was partly due (but not entirely, there are at least 6 other Vampire authors who inspired me either by being great, or by being horrible) to Stephanie that I was inspired to write my own novel. Very much the feeling of "Ugh, I can do better than that." I just hope time proves me right.

The other little idea was due to having Voltaire stuck in my head, and I can't believe I hadn't added him to my "Inspiration" Mix list. So that idea is partly Voltaire, and is a concept that Charlaine Harris touched on in her books. No, I am not stealing Bubba. No Elvis for me. Someone better in my opinion.
But to me it makes sense that if there are vampires, why wouldn't there be the occasional historical figure? I mean, Vampires travel through time, who's to say that they didn't live a "life" and in that life become famous, then receed back into their undead hidden lifestyle? Or who's to say that a vampire didn't run across a brilliant individual who just happened to be famous, and decide to keep them? There are so many possibilities when it comes to the whole "living forever" concept.

On a random note, I've for some odd reason started reading Laurell K Hamiliton's blog, and I have to admit... it all makes sense now. I had noticed, especially in oh... the last dozen or so books.. (... everything past the Killing Dance) that it felt very... formulaic. Well, reading her most recent blog, she basically admitted to having a formula. Also she admitted that she was Rushing because the deadline was this week. Well.. that explains so much. That explains why the books are nothing but formulaic garbage. You cannot have every book in your series be A,b,c sometimes.. you have to have A, Z, C, F, and so on. Change it up. Yes, there has to be order to it, but you don't have to always have fight;morgue scene; fight; crime scnene; final confrontation with bad guy; morgue scene as the only formula. That also shows me, that she rights all her sex scenes first. No wonder I can't stand them anymore. It's sad though, I really did enjoy her books in the begining.

I have to say, there are some days where I really do love the drive into work. Don't get me wrong. I still count down the days until I no longer have to do it. 18 months. 18 months... but today was rather beautiful. The moon was very full, I'm a bad little witch and I don't know if it is exactly full right now, or if it is just simply close. I used to be able to tell you without batting an eyelash. But.. hey.. i've been stressed. But I digress... The moon was absolutely beautiful. It was huge. It was this beautiful yellow color, and I got to see it for just about 2 minutes before I blinked and it was gone behind the mountains.

And on a random note: Happiness, is when unfortunately you have the bed all to yourself (other than the cat) and you have an electric blanket. I am now sold. If it wasn't for that blanket, I would be miserable.

Edit: Man my back hurts. It's now making me cranky. I think I really need to meditate again. I haven't in far too long. Stupid crankiness.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another little island.

I am happy at the moment, as I wrote at least part of another scene. A scene that is like right on the brink of all the action.

This pleases me.

My little islands of text that I've been creating, are getting more and more, which means the amount of blank ocean between them is getting smaller.

Seriously, I picture it as a map of an island chain. It's the way my mind works apparently. And slowly by surely all the islands start becoming one large island instead of lots of little ones.

I have to say, of all the characters that are mentally developed (in my mind, mind you), it goes in this order Alex, Lynn, Mionette, Daniel, and a little bit of Gaz. Everyone else really is still just a dark cloud with faces. No substence yet. But I'll get there.

I am still slightly in shock that I wrote what could be the final pages. A friend of mine suggested that I write the story backwards if necessary, and that is something I thought about even before she suggested it. That way it flows.

I think I'm done rambling.
Oh, yesterday while I was stuck at work, I did look up more Beatles songs, as possible future titles. Found one or two that might work, but who knows.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Oh my! The muse finally struck, the idea came to me last night, the words and the desire to actually write (also having the living room, and my laptop blissfully alone with no interruptions!) actually happened. And I am very pleased with the result.

But I must say, I am shocked because I think... I think I just wrote the final pages of my novel.

I don't know if I just broke one of my rules or not, but I do have to say I am pleased with the words. I guess if necessary it doesn't have to be the final pages, but if it works out that way, it will be very good.

I have several pages from the inbetween that I do need to type up, but that desire has been lacking, and now my back is aching from sitting. Honestly I do need to get a chiropractor.

As far as my other novel. The novel that I will not admit to writing at all yet... Well, I got more inspiration for that, and also even jotted down a page of dialogue and stuff. It wasn't much, but I did like it as well. I truly do look forward to officially writing that novel. airships, steampunk wonderment. It will be fun. Oh, I hadn't mentioned that I had in fact named one of my characters in it. I won't reveal the name at all here yet, simply because remember, I'm not officially writing it yet. Lol.

Hopefully this turn of events, means I'll be able to dive fully back into writing and get more of this novel finished.

I must admit, I'm still quite shocked at these being the final pages, and even more shocked at how much I like it.
I guess I must go now, and I think there is some laundry calling my name.